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so tonight the bruins lost. again. i still have a glimmer of hope but everyone says they're pretty much dead in the water. it was still fun though. i got really sick all of th sudden so i went to work for 3 hours then came home. then i went to beer works with the girls after i slept all day. then we went to see the bruins lose. and there was a really big fight cause it was college night and the crowd always get them to fight.

tomorrow is Nine Inch Nails night, finally. after someone got sick and postponed the show. jerks. I swear some strange force is trying to stop me from going to this show. It's like everything that could happen to stop me has, aside from getting hit by a car or a plane. but there is all day tomorrow and a 2 1/2 hour car ride to get there, so anything can happen. Maybe this is some weird final destination crap. and if i don't stop james and i from going we're gonna die or something. then death will hunt us cause we were supposed to die. and then i'll feed james to death.

actually, i guess i could spare james. he did make me his best man after all. maybe we'll just feed the car to death. although he probably doesn't eat cars. or she. i think death is probably a she.

see what this cold medicine does to me. delirious i tell you.

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