Josh (myhairgrowsfast) wrote,

trade of the century

at first i was really angry about the trade. he was the leading scorer on the team with 33 points in 23 games, and they claim he wasn't doing enough for the team. Then i thought about it and it kinda makes sense. Yeah, i hoped Joe would be on the team forever. I wanted to see his jersey hung up in the garden someday. He is an amazing player, but has he reached his peak? that's the argument that's being passed around. Is his career at the beginning of it's end? I think yes and no. I think his career as a bruin is at it's end. He's been with the team for 8 years, his entire career, and i think his potential is being limited by the play style of the bruins. With a new team and a new home, it might stir things up. I will miss him and i never would have been able to make the decision to let him go, but after the fact, i can see why it happened, and i can do nothing but accept it for what it attempt to shake things up and knock some fire into this boston team.

That being said, we beat the #1 team in the NHL last night (and handed them their first shutout, ending the almost record breaking streak of Heatly)with no Joe, and had contributions from all three of his replacements.

shake it up.
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