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incredibly un-entertained.

i'm so bored.

I hate being bored. I only get this bored when i'm waiting for something. It's like when you're waiting for something it's impossible to find anything worthy of occupying the time in between. i'm even listening to Animal Alpha just to keep my senses alive.

i just blew on my digital camera card like a nintendo cartridge hoping it would magically work now.

it didn't.

I have approximately 3 disposable cameras that i have colleced over the past two years and have yet to develop. I know one of them is from free cone day at b&j's. the second i think is from a six flags trip which wouild have taken place about two years ago. The third is from carrie and matt's wedding i believe. so that should be an interesting picture develping experience. lots of surprises in that one.

my boredom is reaching a climax.

one of my customers invited me out for a drink while im in london. i thought that was funny. english people are way too friendly. he offered me a place to stay, dinner at his place, a drink, and something about health insurance or something. i don't know if that's creepy or nice...maybe a little of both. it was actually a really nice email, but then he ended it with "but you probably have better things to do" he was asking me out or something.

We leave on saturday. i can't wait. james is coming to see me off on friday night with a little of the old drinky drinky in the city. gotta get that tolerance up for england!

Ok you know it's bad when i'm checking the case queue for work and listening to the foo fighters rendition of "born on the bayou".

annnnd done.
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