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oh how you get me drunk.

last night i went out to the fours with the entire company. chappy, the owner, put the entire thing on his tab. that's like 25 people with probably at least 3 drinks each. it was really fun, and free so yay. everyone was ragging on adam for leaving next week. i guess he got a job working for some pharmaceutical company or something. he's a cool guy and he kept me sane in tech support so i'm sad to see him go. there's a few guys in the office that play in a beer hockey league so i'm thinking i might try and join that. a bunch of us are gonna go to a bruins game soon cause james the lead developer and i were talking about it. jason and his girlfriend kristen spent the night trying to hook me up with all her friends. Apparently she works with 38 single women. for some reason audition kept popping into my head...

i went to the bathroom and some guy in the stall kept talking to me. first he asked if i had the time, which i did not, then he kept telling me how cold it was out. and he just kept talking, even as i was walking out the door. then jason ended up knowing his cousin or something from basketball.

i think i saw one of sarah's friends there too.

so as the crowd died and it got later, and by later i mean only like 8:30, me, chris, adam & his girl, and wisner and his girl went to the greatest bar. chris started acting really weird and i think he was definitely trashed. maybe he was getting depressed cause he's getting married in like 4 months. he ordered a plate of calamari and a drink then gave me his money and left. weird.

the calamari really hit the spot though.

there was a little dance floor, but no one was there, so wisner and his girl started dancing around and they looked so happy and they were having so much fun and i couldn't help but smile.

somehow at the end of the night i made it home and there was a present for me on my desk. my glorious double disc version of say anythings a real boy with the second disc being ...was a real boy with 7 glorious new songs. which are all amazing by the way. they are coming to boston in may finally so i might just have to go to that one.

tonight i'm going out to dinner and then who knows.
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