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sweet hypocrosy.

so i finally bought tickets to nine inch nails. how many more chances really will i get to see them before a.) he dies b.) he kills himself or c.) he starts sucking so bad that people forget he exists. either way i'm going and james is coming so yay. after this there are only 3 bands left on my list (with a tentative 4th)

Pearl Jam (it's funny how a band i used to despise can be on this list)
Toadies (yeah, it's gonna take a miracle for this one to happen but i can't just take them off the list)

The tentative 4th band is The Mars Volta who doesn't really count cause i could've easily gone last year and opted not too which means i don't really care that much.

If you're wondering, the only band i've checked off this list is the Stone Temple Pilots (when they were good).

I've taken to playing the guitar again after a long break. I've only found one colleciton of Say Anything guitar tabs, so i've been trying to learn ...Is A Real Boy by ear. Seeing as there are sometimes 4 guitar parts going on at once, that's gonna be kinda hard. but what better way to get back in the groove then to struggle through it. It's not that the songs are terribly difficult to's that they defy traditional guitar styles of play and it leaves you wondering how the hell he gets that sound. i may never know.

the bruins finally snapped out of their coma and are on a 5 game point streak. i fear meeting montreal and new jersey in the playoffs. too many times in my bruins fanship have i seen them fall to those clubs. it's our time.
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