Josh (myhairgrowsfast) wrote,

work post baby.

(this is actually from 10/4)

im at work, and it's dead. so i'm updating. the red sox are on in an hour and our office is right above the fours so i think we're gonna sneak out at 4 to watch the game. gotta love that.

we got two new guys here at work now which is cool. that's gonna take quite a load off of chris and i which is awesome. one of them seems competent, the other im not too sure about. we'll see.

this weekend i'm taking sarah out for a surprise anniversary adventure. it's gonna be so fun. i can't wait. she has no idea what we're doing which makes it more fantastic.

We were gonna go to europe together in december but chris is taking the same week off already that sarah has set for her vacation, so unless she can change that i can't go with her. that's wicked sad cause i wanna go so bad, and i've tried to go to europe so many times and something always prevents me. ugh!

i talked to meghan on IM last night for a long time and it was awesome. she's so funny. i miss ben & jerry's a lot. i guess she's the only original left. even my replacement quit. it's all ron's fault i'm sure.

the bruins start thursday. i'm gonna try and go to the game. it's gonna be awesome. montreal will be crushed! aparently fans get stanley cup replicas upon entry, which is also exciting.

i'm starting to enjoy this job more. it's gotten better now that i know people better and can joke around more. much less stressful.
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