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Date:Thursday, August 14th, 2008 @ 10:20pm
Mood: ...growl

I decided livejournal is lame. yeah that's right i said it!!!!! 

I can't handle it's horrible spell chehck and it's dreadful formatting. There's bigger and bette rout there people.

That being said. i'm still keeng this around. I'm gonna post here occassionally just to make sure you're still paying attention. 


if you wanna know what's going on regularly. You should go here: http://myhairgrowsfast.blogspot.com/

Cause it's way better.

and less emo.

ohhhhh snap!!!!!!

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Date:Monday, January 21st, 2008 @ 1:57pm
Subject:The Albums of the Year (according to josh of course) 2007!

Ok well the one person who reads this is on my ass about the 2007 albums so HERE THEY ARE!

The Albums of the Year (according to josh of course) 2007!

This year was an interesting musical year for me. For the first time in a while i found myself listening to older albums more than newer ones. It might be just because i'm discovering great albums from the past, but it also could be that this year didn't really produce anything that noteworthy. The top 5 were pretty easy to decide this year, but the rest i had a tough time with. Towards the end of the year I started listening to classic albums that I just never had a chance to listen to. Like Dark Side Of The Moon and Who's Next. So it doesn't say much for the current state of the music industry when even i'm bored with new music and i have to go back to the 60's to find anything decent. Regardless, there was still some stuff that was worth a listen. So check out the list below and if you haven't heard any of these, you should probably give them a chance.

As always, these are of the albums i heard that were released in the US in 2007. If you've got something you think I need to hear, please add a comment with it.

Runners Up:

These albums just missed the cut for various reasons. I'll do my best to explain.

The Almost - "Southern Weather"
I really like 5 or 6 songs from this album. There's a lot of great choruses in here and some pretty good riffs. The issue is it's really only half an album, the other half isn't anything special and feels too much like filler. Filler isn't always a deal breaker (as we'll see later) but the second half of this album just straight up loses me. We all know "say this sooner" by now, but for one you may not know check out "Drive There Now".

Nine Inch Nails - "Year Zero"
I'm still a big Nine Inch Nails fan, which may be the only reason this one had a chance. Actually, after this came out it made me appreciate With Teeth that much more. Year Zero feels rushed...which it was. However, it's still NIN and it still has a solid amount of good songs which make it worth a listen. My favorites being "Capital G" and "Meet Your Master".

The White Stripes - "Icky Thump"
Over the years i've began to appreciate this band more and more. Their live show is unbelievabley good. These two continue to make whatever music they want and it's pretty clear here that they'll probably be the last group to ever "sell out". My favorite track on here is probably "Rag & Bone".

The Top Ten:

10. Chevelle - "Vena Sera"
I've always thought of Chevelle as a poppier version of Tool. This album probably wouldn't even be on here if I hadn't gone to see them live. After their show, i got this album and it really rocks. The songs are pretty straight forward and the riffs aren't exactly genious or anything but it certainly satisfies the need for rock. I do need to mention how lame the video for "I Get It" is though. Stll, one listen of "Brainiac" or "Midnight To Midnight" and i quickly forget. If you like heavy riffed rock look no further.

9. Every Time I Die - "The Big Dirty"
One of my favorite albums of 2006 that didn't come out that year was "Gutter Phenomenon". There are precious few bands as relentless as ETID. Actually, this album is probably too much for just about everybody who might be reading this right now. I found this album very anthematic though. With lines like "You don't live till you're ready to die" and "till death do we rock" followed suddenly by amazing guitar riffs as in "We'rewolf". This is probably the best road rage album in years. For something easier to process on here check our "Rendez-Voodoo". It still has their southern-rock infused with hardcorde style but with less screamy vocals.

8. Arctic Monkeys - "Favourite Worst Nightmare"
It took me longer to appreciate this album than their last effort which came out only a year earlier. The best thing about this is that it isn't just a re-telling of their last record. You'll find this feels a lot different although they do still have the same style of UK punk-rock. Yes i said punk-rock. Maybe not in the modern sense but in the traditional sense, yes. The first four songs on here are what really make the album, particularly "Balaclava".

7. Motion City Soundtrack - "Even If It Kills Me"
"Commit This To Memory" is really this bands shining moment. However, their latest album is solid all the way through. There's nothing here that really pops out at you and that's why it isn't higher on the list. Still, the songs here are everything we've come to expect from this band. Fun, thoughtful songs with heartfelt vocals and the occasional hint of nerd rock. The opening track "Fell In Love Without You" has to be my favorite but "Point Of Extinction" comes in there pretty close.

6. Say Anything - "In Defense Of The Genre"
"...Is A Real Boy" is the best record of this decade....probably. Which means this one can't be as good. Period. It's not really possible to get that out of your head. So in that sense, this album isn't that great. In fact i think it's a mess. As an album, this is the most disorganized collection of songs i've heard this year. First of all, two dics?? Completely unnecessary. What's with all the guest singers too? Are we Puff Daddy now? Where's Mase? Before i make my next comment, i want to say that I in no way am comparing the Beatles to Say Anything. This to me feels like The White Album though. A completely random collection of songs that as an album, don't really have any connection. Yet on their own, each song is brilliant in its own right. That being said, Disc 1 is laughable in its presentation. Disc 2 feels more like the album that should have been. I like these songs, i just wish the record didn't feel so much like a collection of b-sides. In conclusion, you should check out these songs, but they're just songs, they aren't "...Is A Real Boy". Oh, and Max...next time leave your friends at home.

5. The Used - "Lies For The Liars"
Woah, really? Yeah. By far the most surprising release this year. I didn't think i was into this band anymore, but this one proved me wrong. There are some kick-ass songs on here. "Pretty Handsome Awkward" stands out as the best track. "Hospital" and "Paralyzed" pull you through the middle while "Liar Liar (Burn in Hell)" really drives the point home. If you didn't like The Used before this isn't going to change your mind but if you're an old fan who's losing faith this will definitely revive you.

4. The Fratellis - "Costello Music"
This wins the most fun award for sure this year. This album just picks you up and puts you in a good mood. There's a few songs that i could do without, but they're far overshadowed by the good ones. With so many badadaa's, ooohh ahhhhh's and doodoodoo's it's hard not to enjoy yourself here. Not to be ignored is the rock some of these songs bring too. This is definitely one of those albums that gets people asking "who is this?". "For The Girl" might be my favorite but "Creepin Up The Backstairs" Gets me going too.

3. Avenged Sevenfold - "Avenged Sevenfold"
Ahhh yes. i used to think this band was a joke (and they kind of were before "city of evil"). But after listening to their latest albums you'll realize they're the real deal. This may not be as good as their last release, but this album solidifies Avenged Sevenfold as one of the best Rock bands out there right now. Talented too. The drumming and lead guitar on this album are uncanny. These guys are truly talented musicians. I can't stress that enough. "Almost Easy" is obviously one of the best songs on here, but i'm a huge fan of "Lost" as well. Particluarly the big rock ending to use a Rock band reference.

2. Against Me! - "New Wave"
When this album came out i knew it was going to be a huge success. Some long time fans will call this watered down but there's no denying how amazing this album is. At 33 minutes it clocks in as the shortest album on this list but don't let that scare you. The production value has come a long way, but i wouldn't call this over-produced. The only thing that hurts this is a few mediocre songs that bring down an otherwise fantastic record. Check out "Stop" and of course "Thrash Unreal".

1. Bayside - "The Walking Wounded"
This is #1 for a very simple reason. EVERY song on here is great. From start to finish this is the best album i heard released this year. I love all these songs. Amazing choruses. Surprisingly good guitar solos. Smart lyrics. As a whole the songs fit and feel connected. Everything just seems to come together. You're not going to find anything extraordinarily different on here or anything but you wll find 12 solid songs all the way through. "They're Not Horses, They're Unicorns" an "Dear Your Holiness" stand out as my favorite songs here.

Other Fun Categories:

Best Live Show - Muse @ The Agganis Arena
Most Anticipated Album For 2008 - The Mars Volta "The Bedlam in Goliath" & Nerf Herder "IV"
Best Band Name - Itchy Poopzkid
Most Disappointing Album - Armor For Sleep "Smile For Them"
Best Song Ending - Say Anything "You're The Wanker, If Anyone Is"
Best Novelty Album - Beatallica "Sqt. Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band"
Band I Really Miss - Death From Above 1979
Hottest Singer (Other Than Justin Timberlake) - Hayley Williams
Best Album From Last Year I Didn't Hear Until This Year - Silversun Pickups "Carnavas"
Best Song Involving Pirates Or Sounding Like Pirates Should Be Singing It - Flash Grenade "Nautical Nonsense\The Opening Jig"
Best X-Mas Song I Heard This Year - The Little Stinkers "I Farted On Santa's Lap (Now Christmas Is Gonna Stink For Me)"

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Date:Friday, January 5th, 2007 @ 12:50am
Subject:The Albums Of The Year (according to josh of course) 2006!!
Mood: accomplished

Well it's 2007. the year that was 2006 has come and gone and I have to say it was a pretty great year. one thing i particularly enjoyed about it was listening to it's music. although this year didn't produce anything earth-shatteringly amazing, some original and refreshing albums emerged from a crowd of mediocrity. i've had a hard time deciding what should be on the list this year. there were a lot of albums that were good but not great, and there were also a lot of albums that were great but had a few songs that really hurt them. adding to the difficulty, a few of my favorite albums of this year were actually released last year. i spent a lot of time listening to them but obviously they can't be included in the best of 2006, although they will get their own special awards later on. so, the point is, this list was really hard to make and just about every album i mention below could be re-arranged to any position on the list.

As always, these are of the albums i heard that were released in the US this year. If you've got something you think I need to hear, please add a comment with it.

The Albums Of The Year (according to josh of course) 2006!!

Runners Up:

Not good enough for the top ten, but worthy of a mention for various reasons.

The Forecast - "In The Shadow of Two Gunmen"

Half of this album is great. great choruses and fantastic female vocals. The other half is just not quite there. Two of my favorite songs of the year come from this album though so they need to be mentioned. "and we all return to our roots" & "(may you one day) carry me home". at least check out those songs if anything.

The Hush Sound - "Like Vines"

Something a little more mellow and refreshing for my tastes. "we intertwined" is one of my favorite songs of the year. The problems arrive with the second half of this one where "wine red" is really the only song that demands your attention. however it's still an all around great album that is probably one spot away from being in the top ten. they have a very notable live show worth mentioning also.

Hellogoodbye - "Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!"

This is actually a great album and it's hard to put it in the runners-up pile but here's my major gripe. "touchdown turnaround" sounds exactly like "bonnie taylor shakedown" from their EP. i mean exactly. sorry, but i can't get past it.

The Matches - "Decomposer"

This album has a very interesting sound to it. they've tweaked their style from the previous album and also thrown in a lot more variety in songs. it might have done better if there weren't as many weak songs as there are that really break-up the album.

Moneen - "The Red Tree"

I really like this band and there isn't anything really wrong with this album. i guess the problem is that nothing really stands out much either. if you liked their previous record, this is overall a better offering and definitely worth a listen.

Monty Are I - "Wall Of People"

These guys combine 80's hair band riffs with a pop-punk\screamo sound and a horn section. the result is five or six very good songs overshadowed by four or five mediocre ones.

Punchline - "37 Everywhere"

This is a great pop-punkish album with a few really fantastic songs. "They Are Strong Hands" really struck a chord with me. i'd recommend checking it out and deciding for yourself.

This Providence - "This Providence"

There's nothing particularly original here to push this into the top ten but it's a really solid album of catchy songs. that's probably all you really need to know.

The Top Ten:

I needed some sort of guide for checking out songs from albums in this list so i went with some hockey references. here's the legend:

Go-ahead Goal  = The song you hear that makes you go "hey...i should check the rest of this out".
Empty-netter     = The song that you somehow don't even notice for the first twenty listens but then you realize how awesome it is and it really drives the album home.


10. Pistolita - "Oliver Under The Moon"

This album really took me by surprise. i had heard a few songs including "beni accident" which got me interested. the first comparison i can drum up is to the casket lottery but most of you probably don't get that reference anyways so it's pretty pointless. this is categorized as indie rock i believe but there's a lot of influences here that you can pick up on. most notable are the geek rock progressions you'll here in "beni accident" and "papercut". I also felt like there were some similarities to nada surfs "high\low". i haven't mentioned the classical piano yet, which is a main instrument through the entire album. there's almost some meatloaf-esque piano stylings specifically on tracks like "age". all in all this is a refreshing look at indie rock that combines piano rock, alternative, and other genres to provide a solid album of great songs.

Go-ahead Goal: "Beni Accident"
Empty-netter: "Oliver Under The Moon"

9. Southcott - "Flee The Scene"

I remember being in the late great newbury street virgin megastore checking out some albums at the listening stations and i saw this one. i picked it up and put it down without a listen. a few months later i randomly downloaded it and was pleasantly surprised. i guess i still have that soft spot for pop-punk music. i love the mix on this disc. and by mix i mean the guitar sound and drum mixing. what really makes this a great album are the sing-able choruses. just about every song on this album has a great chorus that you can't help but sing along to. all the songs are about three minutes or less which makes the entire album clock in at only about twenty-seven minutes. there's nothing really new here besides an album full of great songs.

Go-ahead Goal: "Sin City: Your Bed Sheets, My Legacy"
Empty-netter: "The October Tradition"

8. Tool - "10,000 Days"

This is an amazing band. i don't think a lot of people give tool the time to amaze them. this is probably their worst album, which is saying a great deal for their other efforts. this isn't just another bad modern rock album like everyone who doesn't know anything about tool probably thinks it is. this band has some of the most talented musicians and song writers in any form of rock music. if you don't already love tool this one isn't going to sway your thinking. you'll like a few songs but will be put off by the abstractness of the rest. you can't really skip around with this one. you have to start from track one and strap in for the long haul (an hour and eleven minute ride). if you're going to skip around you'll end up on "vicarious", "jambi", and "the pot" which are great songs but won't give you the full effect.

Go-ahead Goal: "The Pot"
Empty-netter: "Right In Two"

7. Test Icicles - "For Screening Purposes Only"

I'm pretty sure this came out last year in the UK but it didn't see US release until early 2006. i could sit here and try to describe this to you but i'd fail miserably. ok i'll try. screamy vocals. i mean like, 13 year old boy screaming at his mom that she never lets him do anything kind of vocals (see "your biggest mistake" the opening track). add some synthesizers and oddly dance-able drum beats and you've got a basic description. if this album was ten songs long (there are three specific tracks i could do without) it would be higher in this list. the fact is that the fun, almost child-like attitude is hampered by a few just plain uninteresting songs ("sharks" & "dancing on pegs" for starters and "catch it" is half good, the great breakdown being the exception). but alas, you can't let a few songs bring down an original and entertaining album (not to completely contradict myself after the hellogoobye review or anything). i give this one two balls up! sorry...bad band name joke.

Go-ahead Goal: "Snowball"
Empty-netter: "Maintain The Focus"

6. The Mars Volta - "Amputecture"

Last year "frances the mute" had me captivated, intruiged, and longing for more. this year "amputecture" has me captivated, intruiged, and longing for more. there isn't a more interesting band to listen to than the mars volta right now. this isn't something you'll ever really sing along to. you won't tell your friends "i love that song". you probably wont ever put it in with the intention of listening to only one song in the first place. what will happen is you'll put this cd or record or tape in your player and you won't leave until its over. i can think of two times that i made it home before this album ended, but i drove around some more until it was done. this is meant to be listened to as a whole and not in parts. the preferred format is CD because there are no breaks between songs whatsoever, and without the magic of cd's you'll miss out on the experience. "amputecture" truly is an experience.

Go-ahead Goal: "Viscera Eyes"
Empty-netter: "Day of the Baphomets"

5. Gatsby's American Dream - "Gatsby's American Dream"

At first i was put off by this one. i loved last years "volcano" and i think i had expected something more adventurous from them this time around. but i gave it some time and it quickly sunk in how much BETTER this is than "volcano". gatsby has amazing riffs. there's something about the sound of their riffs that i just can't get enough of. i still haven't been able to really find every song on this yet, but i know it's going to be one of those albums that every song ends up on my playlists at one point or another.

Go-ahead Goal: "Station 5: The Pearl"
Empty-netter: "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale"

4. Matchbook Romance - "Voices"

If you pass this up based on the "screamo" roots of their first full length you'll be seriously missing out. i heard this album and i thought "man this is great". then i heard the new muse album and thought "man, voices is what this should really sound like". it's true. voices is a better muse album than muse's own black holes & revelations. you can't deny the influence muse had to have had on this recording, but at the same time matchbook doesn't steal anything, they only incorporate it into their own style. the result is a surprisingly mature effort from a talented band whom i never would have guessed could produce something like this. even at number four this is an album that you simply have to check out.

Go-ahead Goal: "Monsters"
Empty-netter: "Singing Bridges (We All Fall)"

3. Men, Women & Children - "Men, Women & Children"

That's right baby, disco's back. but don't panic, this isn't another fallout boy clone. this is some serious disco beats. it's pretty clear why i love this album when the verse for the opening track "dance in my blood" kicks in. its just plain fun to listen to. this is one of those cd's you put in at a party while noones looking and you hear everyone ask "who is this?". sure i may seem slightly homosexual cruising through the streets of boston blasting this but trust me, you wont be able to contain the need to groove. speaking of gay, these guys aren't exactly hitting for the straight team with lines like "just keep it moving like a hurricane, turn me around again, just keep it shaking like a rattlesnake, now just jump right out of your skin". regardless, this is some seriously fun music that even the manliest man can't deny.

Go-ahead Goal: "Photosynthesis (We're Losing O²)"
Empty-netter: "Time For The Future (Bang Bang)"

2. Arctic Monkeys - "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not"

Another late great newbury street virgin megastore purchase that quickly became my most listened to album of the year. i couldn't put this down for about six months. i remember buying it because the guitars kinda sounded like some toadies songs. i didn't regret my decision. there's really only a few songs that aren't great on this album and even those are still good songs. unfortunately the only thing really stopping this from being number one is the fact that it came out in january and im just not into it as much as i was ten months ago. i can always count on this when i need a good energetic alternative album to get me going. plus its always fun to sing like a british guy...

Go-ahead Goal: "When The Sun Goes Down"
Empty-netter: "From The Ritz To The Rubble"

1. Forgive Durden - "Wonderland"

Its not very often that a band can blatantly rip-off another band and come up with something this good. forgive durden clearly was heavily influenced by gatsbys american dream. there's really no question about it. the amazing thing is that they managed to construct a better all-around album than gatsby has to date. "wonderland" is more of the adventurous album i was looking for from gatsby. instead it comes in the form of the debut album from this talented and lyrically creative band. "wonderland" carries a certain feeling throughout each song yet at the same time you feel like each track has its own style. the only thing that's disappointing about this record is that i'm almost out of songs to put on my playlists!

Go-ahead Goal: "Ants"
Empty-netter: "For A Dreamer, Night's The Only Time Of Day"

Other Fun Categories:

Best Album From Last Year That I Didn't Hear Until This Year:
Bayside "Bayside"

Most Disappointing Album: Brand New "The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me"

Longest Song Title: Moneen "The Frightening Reality Of The Fact That We Will All Have To Grow Up And Settle Down One Day"

Best EP: Say Anything "...Was A Real Boy"

Best Live Show: Electric Eel Shock @ The Middle East Upstairs

Most Obnoxiously Overplayed Song: Nelly Furtado "Promiscuous"

Best Ever Song About Waffles: Parry Gripp "Do You Like Waffles?"

Person Who's Sad I Couldn't Think Of Any Songs About Pirates From This Year: Me

Best Album Ending: The Mars Volta "Amputecture" (it seriously ends out of nowhere. think halo two.)

Speaking of awesome endings.

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Date:Monday, September 25th, 2006 @ 4:59pm
Subject:catch it!

this pretzel is salty and delicious.

perhaps even saltlicious.

gosh. what a saltlicious pretzel this is.

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Date:Tuesday, September 12th, 2006 @ 1:11pm


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Date:Tuesday, March 21st, 2006 @ 11:29pm

thank you steve. this thing is the shit.


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Date:Tuesday, March 21st, 2006 @ 11:06pm



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Date:Wednesday, March 15th, 2006 @ 10:54pm
Subject:switchblade romance.
Mood: satisfied

man. the french are crazy. i just watched High Tension, or "Haute Tension" as it would be in french. the title isn't a joke. this is a seriously intense movie. aside from a few spots, i was on the edge of my seat (or love sac in this case) for the entire time. probably one of the most brutal movies i've seen in recent memory. if you like horror or "slasher" movies this is a definite must see. and when you watch it, watch it really loud because your neighbors will probably think it's real and they'll freak out. make sure you watch the french version though, not the english one. i have a feeling they cut out quite a bit from the US release.

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Date:Saturday, March 11th, 2006 @ 9:44am
Subject:last night.

wish, last, suck, gave up, head like a hole, terrible lie, sin, burn, mr. self destruct, piggy, march of the pigs, closer, eraser, hurt, the day the world went away, the wretched, starfuckers inc., the hand that feeds, every day is exactly the same, only, the line begins to blur, beside you in time, right where it belongs, the frail, please.

not in that order.


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Date:Thursday, March 9th, 2006 @ 10:33pm
Subject:.kcus sniurb ehT
Mood: sick

so tonight the bruins lost. again. i still have a glimmer of hope but everyone says they're pretty much dead in the water. it was still fun though. i got really sick all of th sudden so i went to work for 3 hours then came home. then i went to beer works with the girls after i slept all day. then we went to see the bruins lose. and there was a really big fight cause it was college night and the crowd always get them to fight.

tomorrow is Nine Inch Nails night, finally. after someone got sick and postponed the show. jerks. I swear some strange force is trying to stop me from going to this show. It's like everything that could happen to stop me has, aside from getting hit by a car or a plane. but there is all day tomorrow and a 2 1/2 hour car ride to get there, so anything can happen. Maybe this is some weird final destination crap. and if i don't stop james and i from going we're gonna die or something. then death will hunt us cause we were supposed to die. and then i'll feed james to death.

actually, i guess i could spare james. he did make me his best man after all. maybe we'll just feed the car to death. although he probably doesn't eat cars. or she. i think death is probably a she.

see what this cold medicine does to me. delirious i tell you.


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Date:Saturday, March 4th, 2006 @ 4:30pm
Mood: drained

I stole this from my sister who stole it from someone else. kinda fun. one of the answers i didn't even have to change! can you guess which one?

Your senior year in High School is supposed to be "the best year of your life." Let's see how much you remember:

1. Who was your best friend? I would say Bill Day cause we definitely hung out a lot that year.

2. What sports did you play? the club hockey team that just started that year. yeah, we lost every single game. it was still way too much fun.

3. What kind of car did you drive? yeah i didn't have a car but i drove my mom's jeep and my dad's maxima all the time.

4. It's Friday night, where were you at? probably watching a movie at someones house with the whole crew.

5. Were you a party animal? define party animal? my friends were almost always all together being insane, but we didn't drink or do anything like that. we were high on life baby.

6. Were you in the "In Crowd"? No the "IN" crowd was lame. we had our own crowd.

7. Ever skip school? i don't think i did. which is kind of surprising because i hated it with a passion. although i thought i left early once with bill to get chinese food, but i could just be imagining that.

8. Ever smoke? nope.

9. Were you a nerd? i was a dork, but i don't think i was a nerd. there's a big difference.

10. Did you get suspended/expelled? nooooo.

11. Can you sing the Alma Mater? ...is that a brand of boxed dinner?

12. Who was your favorite teacher? Mr. Shaw. he was the senior english teacher who drove to work everyday from maine for the whole year. he inspired the classic modernized version of hamlet we made, and he sparked bill and i to track him down senior year at keene and we talked to him on the phone. yes he remembered us.

13. Favorite class? english. cause it was 8th period and it was fun as hell.

14. What was your school's full name? Merrimack High School.

15. School mascot? ...Tomahawk? is that really a mascot though?

16. Did you go to Prom? it wasn't a prom, it was a senior semi, prom was junior year. it was kinda depressing i think cause becky and i had broken up but we still went together. a little awkward. not nearly as fun as prom was.

17. If you could go back and do it over, would you? yeah, there's a few things i might do differently though.

18. What do you remember most about graduation? i remember dropping my water bottle off the bleachers. actually i think someone knocked it off. and i remember our group pretending there was a line or rope or wall or something and we all stepped over the line after getting our diploma and walking off stage.

19. Favorite memory of your Senior Year? probably filming hamlet.

20. Were you ever posted up on the senior wall? ...do what now?

21. Did you have a job your senior year? i probably worked at shaws. yup, i did.

22. Who did you date? Becky for most of the year. i kinda dated jamie at the end there but i don't even really know what was going on with that.

23. Where did you go most often for lunch? how about the lunch room. that's where people eat lunch in school. we had a mini taco bell with menu items that didn't exist at real taco bells.

24. Have you gained weight since then? sadly no. although i have been 10 pounds heavier a few times but that doesn't last.

25. What did you do after graduation? i went home for a family party thing, then we all went to teresa's and i brought my new dvd player and we started to watch seven until jenn couldn't handle it anymore so we watched something else. i think. oh i think i went to kelly's party for a few hours before that too, and i might have stopped at james' party also but i dont remember.

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Date:Saturday, March 4th, 2006 @ 3:52pm
Subject:oh how you get me drunk.
Mood: groggy

last night i went out to the fours with the entire company. chappy, the owner, put the entire thing on his tab. that's like 25 people with probably at least 3 drinks each. it was really fun, and free so yay. everyone was ragging on adam for leaving next week. i guess he got a job working for some pharmaceutical company or something. he's a cool guy and he kept me sane in tech support so i'm sad to see him go. there's a few guys in the office that play in a beer hockey league so i'm thinking i might try and join that. a bunch of us are gonna go to a bruins game soon cause james the lead developer and i were talking about it. jason and his girlfriend kristen spent the night trying to hook me up with all her friends. Apparently she works with 38 single women. for some reason audition kept popping into my head...

i went to the bathroom and some guy in the stall kept talking to me. first he asked if i had the time, which i did not, then he kept telling me how cold it was out. and he just kept talking, even as i was walking out the door. then jason ended up knowing his cousin or something from basketball.

i think i saw one of sarah's friends there too.

so as the crowd died and it got later, and by later i mean only like 8:30, me, chris, adam & his girl, and wisner and his girl went to the greatest bar. chris started acting really weird and i think he was definitely trashed. maybe he was getting depressed cause he's getting married in like 4 months. he ordered a plate of calamari and a drink then gave me his money and left. weird.

the calamari really hit the spot though.

there was a little dance floor, but no one was there, so wisner and his girl started dancing around and they looked so happy and they were having so much fun and i couldn't help but smile.

somehow at the end of the night i made it home and there was a present for me on my desk. my glorious double disc version of say anythings ...is a real boy with the second disc being ...was a real boy with 7 glorious new songs. which are all amazing by the way. they are coming to boston in may finally so i might just have to go to that one.

tonight i'm going out to dinner and then who knows.

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Date:Sunday, February 26th, 2006 @ 9:49am



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Date:Monday, January 23rd, 2006 @ 11:02pm
Subject:sweet hypocrosy.
Mood: tired

so i finally bought tickets to nine inch nails. how many more chances really will i get to see them before a.) he dies b.) he kills himself or c.) he starts sucking so bad that people forget he exists. either way i'm going and james is coming so yay. after this there are only 3 bands left on my list (with a tentative 4th)

Pearl Jam (it's funny how a band i used to despise can be on this list)
Toadies (yeah, it's gonna take a miracle for this one to happen but i can't just take them off the list)

The tentative 4th band is The Mars Volta who doesn't really count cause i could've easily gone last year and opted not too which means i don't really care that much.

If you're wondering, the only band i've checked off this list is the Stone Temple Pilots (when they were good).

I've taken to playing the guitar again after a long break. I've only found one colleciton of Say Anything guitar tabs, so i've been trying to learn ...Is A Real Boy by ear. Seeing as there are sometimes 4 guitar parts going on at once, that's gonna be kinda hard. but what better way to get back in the groove then to struggle through it. It's not that the songs are terribly difficult to play...it's that they defy traditional guitar styles of play and it leaves you wondering how the hell he gets that sound. i may never know.

the bruins finally snapped out of their coma and are on a 5 game point streak. i fear meeting montreal and new jersey in the playoffs. too many times in my bruins fanship have i seen them fall to those clubs. it's our time.

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Date:Saturday, December 31st, 2005 @ 10:03am
Subject:The Albums of the Year 2005!

As the year comes to a close i look back on the music that made things tolerbale. Was there anything earthshatteringly good this year? No. What there was, were a steady flow of solid albums that i'm glad i didn't miss. the sophmore slump is a phrase that took a beating this year as "sophmoric" releases took the stage and decided to outperform their predecessors. SO before i get ahead of myself, here are my picks for the...

The Albums Of The Year (according to josh of course) 2005!!

Runners Up:

Scary Kids Scaring Kids - "The City Sleeps In Flames"

This band shows up in the "other fun categories" section as well. Admittedly, this is not for everyone. Something about it struck me as different though. Maybe it's the distictly metal sound, the oddly mellow pace (give or take a few tracks), the seemingly out of place synthesizers, or the dueling guitar solos in "The Only Medicine". Yup, it's the solos.

Vendetta Red - "Sisters of the Red Death"

What is it with this band? They really aren't good. They're very average at best. Yet somehow this second album is impressive. It's probably the stricking resemblance to the sound that My Chemical Romance harnessed in "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge". Even if they stole a bit of it, it sounds damn good. These guys are on the right track and this album is a lot of fun in a gruesome sort of way.

The Academy Is...  - "Almost Here"

Sometimes you just know a band is going to be good even if their first EP was less than impressive. Point and case right here. I can think of one song off their EP that was worth a second listen, yet this whole album is solid by every means of the word.

Gratitude - "Gratitude"

A random purchase on my part that produced results. There's nothing new here, but the old is done very well. Catchy songs that get jammed up in your head for the day. somtimes that's all you need.. The next effort will need more pizazz if they're gonna keep it going.

The Top Ten:

10. Finch - "Say Hello To Sunshine"

When the countdown debuted this band was number one on the list. Since then most songs from that album get skipped on the ipod. Why? No meat. At the time it may have been revolutionary to me, but now it's passable. I have a feeling the guys from Finch may have felt the same way. This album pretty much threw eveything out the window and started from scratch. While most people did a "WTF?", i couldn't help but break out a little golf clap and a "well played". The mood on this one is darker and the riffs are intensely tighter. Still, this one came an inch away form ending up in the "runners up" pile. If you liked Finch before you might like this. If you didn't like "What It Is To Burn?" you might wanna give this one a shot.

Flagship Song: "Ink"

9. Fall Out Boy - "From Under The Cork Tree"

With their second mainstream release Fall Out Boy pulled out all the stops with the song titles. computers cried when the 255 character limit was blown to shreds! Ok that may be a slight exaggeration but the titles are only as long as the songs are good...and they're really good. As much as i hate that stupid hat he wears and all their stupid trendy outfits, i can't help but love this album. These guys are so full of themselves that King Kong has been rumoured to be considering them a thanksgiving day feast. With that attitude i can't see this going anywhere else in the good direction, so take it in while you can.

Flagship Song: "7 Minutes In Heaven (Atavan Halen)"

8. Ash - "Meltdown"

This album definately came out overseas in 2004 but it cma eout this year in the good 'ol USA. I had it back in 2004 but truthfully i really didn't catch on until this year. Luckily we got a US release and i can add it to this years list. I was a little bummed when this wasn't "Free All Angels" all over again, but i soon realized that this is ever better. Ash always sounds like they enjoy their own music and it really shines in this album. i remember when they were a soundtrack band on "Angus" but even then someone knew cause they had two songs on that album. "Meltdown" is great and it's certainly hard to pass up a rockin' album in the days of guys with no balls.

Flagship Song: "Orpheus"

7. NIN - "With Teeth"

I started myself on a bit of an obsession this summer with NIN. I've always liked 'em, but it never clicked until I finally bought "The Downward Spiral". I could write a book here on that album and how awesome it is (especially remastered) but this is about "With Teeth". Clearly this is an answer to critics of "The Fragile". What do you do when everybody hates your album? Start hating yourself! We all know that people who hate themselves write great music. Trent Reznor has clearly gotten whiny, depressed, and old on this album. But what's the only thing better than a whiny depressed old man? Nine Inch Nails of course.

Flagship Song: "The Hand That Feeds"

6. Motion City Soundtrack - "Commit This To Memory"

These guys have been one of those "buzz" bands for a few years now. "The Future Freaks Me Out" got people going "hey, i like this. what's next?" Here's the next and it's next to perfect. Catchy, fun, well-written songs drive this one around third base towards home. It's really up to you wether or not it's a home run. Oooh a choose your own adventure. Yessss! The bottom line here is it's better than the last so buy it biotch.

Flagship Song: "Feel Like Rain"

5. Houston Calls - "A Collection of Short Stories"

Yes, it's true. I'm a sucker. A sucker for catchy pop songs. Give me a punk-rock song with lyrics you can understand, a good melody, and rockin' instruments and i can't resist. It's showing on this list a bit more than usual. You probably haven't heard of this band but if the above applies to you as well you should check them out. Picture yourself driving near the ocean in the summer with the windows down blasting this. It's the steering wheel slapper you've been waiting for, and when houston calls...i'm answering.

Flagship Song: "A Pen & A Piece of Mind"

4. Gatsby's American Dream - "The Volcano"

The freshest thing on this list comes riiiiiight....now! I love this album simply because it sounds different. These guys are trying something a little off kilter from the rest of punk-rock and they're on the right track. This album isn't perfect the songs that aren't still strike a chord and are still different. you have to give them credit for trying to break the stereotype and separate themselves from the pack. I'm anxious to hear what these guys come up with for the next release. I think they're one step away from something big.

Flagship Song: "Theatre"

3. Armor For Sleep - "What To Do When You're Dead"

One of my favorite songs is "Dream To Make Believe" and with that album of the same name i knew whatever was next was gonna blow me away. and it did. Exceeding all possible expectations this album is incredible. The only thing lacking here is originality. It sounds like something we've heard before but done oh so much better. i really like the full sound of the guitars on this album. this one got me through the long commute to work and back when i was at the 'ol ice cream shoppe.

Flagship Song: "The Truth About Heaven"

2. The Mars Volta - "Frances The Mute"

Ahhh. What it must be like to be on acid. If this is what it's like to be on acid, i seriously do NOT want to try that shit. The best thing about this album is it tricks you into turning up the volume. You put it in and you can hear a nice little acoustic guitar and then some soft vocals. So, you do what anyone would do and you turn up the volume and squint your eyes while trying to hear what's going on. then at about 45 seconds you get a blast of insanity...and it never lets up. The only thing better than a truly great album is a truly insane one. It's easier to explain this album in words rather than sentences: Intruiging. Confusing. Beautiful. Scary. Original. INSANE. Incredible. Did i say Insane?

Flagship Song: "The Widow"

1. Mae - "The Everglow"

The best albums are usually described not as albums, but as experiences. "The Everglow" engages you in an experience. From the opening track, "The Prologue", you know you are in for something special. Literally a journey in music, the album takes you through the story of a traveller. Through these intertwining songs you embark on an adventure. Even the album insert is incorporated into this journey to serve as your visual map to the recording. I realize i'm being very abstract about this, or so it would seem. the truth is this is just a great great great album. It's not "...Is A Real Boy" (what IS really?) but it certainly is what it is. A solid genre spanning effort from a pretty new band. This album is great as a whole, but each song can survive on it's own as well. But watch out, this album does contain pianos! yeah that's right, pianos.

Flagship Song: "Someone Else's Arms"

Other Fun Categories:

Best Song About Pirates: Allister "The Legend of Pegleg Sullivan"

Best Band Name: Scary Kids Scaring Kids

Best Song Title: Fall Out Boy "Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued"

Most Awkward Moment Involving An Album On This List: Playing "Frances The Mute" at work in Ben & Jerry's and having strange sex noises come on at the end of track #1 while i was serving an old woman, her daughter, and her daughter's daughter ice cream sundaes.

Best Song: Mae "Someone Else's Arms"

Happiest Moment Involving Music: Seeing a new Harvey Danger album on bittorrent.

Most Disappointing: Harvey Danger "Little By Little"

Best Album That Came Out Last Year That I Didn't Discover Until This Year: Death From Above 1979 "You're A Woman, I'm A Machine"

Funniest Quote On A Recording Released This Year: Dane Cook "What?! The tards just got married on their lawn. That's great. I have nobody and the tards just commited to eachother for a lifetime of tardiness."

Well that's all! Thanks for reading, assuming you actually did. please, comment on my choices, make your own list in the comments, or tell me about some choices you would have made instead. Then i can bash you and tell you why you're wrong.

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Date:Friday, December 2nd, 2005 @ 12:03pm
Subject:trade of the century

at first i was really angry about the trade. he was the leading scorer on the team with 33 points in 23 games, and they claim he wasn't doing enough for the team. Then i thought about it and it kinda makes sense. Yeah, i hoped Joe would be on the team forever. I wanted to see his jersey hung up in the garden someday. He is an amazing player, but has he reached his peak? that's the argument that's being passed around. Is his career at the beginning of it's end? I think yes and no. I think his career as a bruin is at it's end. He's been with the team for 8 years, his entire career, and i think his potential is being limited by the play style of the bruins. With a new team and a new home, it might stir things up. I will miss him and i never would have been able to make the decision to let him go, but after the fact, i can see why it happened, and i can do nothing but accept it for what it is...an attempt to shake things up and knock some fire into this boston team.

That being said, we beat the #1 team in the NHL last night (and handed them their first shutout, ending the almost record breaking streak of Heatly)with no Joe, and had contributions from all three of his replacements.

shake it up.

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Date:Wednesday, November 30th, 2005 @ 11:03pm

the bruins traded joe thorton.

i will continue this later.

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Date:Wednesday, November 30th, 2005 @ 10:12pm
Subject:incredibly un-entertained.

i'm so bored.

I hate being bored. I only get this bored when i'm waiting for something. It's like when you're waiting for something it's impossible to find anything worthy of occupying the time in between. i'm even listening to Animal Alpha just to keep my senses alive.

i just blew on my digital camera card like a nintendo cartridge hoping it would magically work now.

it didn't.

I have approximately 3 disposable cameras that i have colleced over the past two years and have yet to develop. I know one of them is from free cone day at b&j's. the second i think is from a six flags trip which wouild have taken place about two years ago. The third is from carrie and matt's wedding i believe. so that should be an interesting picture develping experience. lots of surprises in that one.

my boredom is reaching a climax.

one of my customers invited me out for a drink while im in london. i thought that was funny. english people are way too friendly. he offered me a place to stay, dinner at his place, a drink, and something about health insurance or something. i don't know if that's creepy or nice...maybe a little of both. it was actually a really nice email, but then he ended it with "but you probably have better things to do"...like he was asking me out or something.

We leave on saturday. i can't wait. james is coming to see me off on friday night with a little of the old drinky drinky in the city. gotta get that tolerance up for england!

Ok you know it's bad when i'm checking the case queue for work and listening to the foo fighters rendition of "born on the bayou".

annnnd done.

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Date:Saturday, October 29th, 2005 @ 7:20am
Mood: content

i'm up at 7am on saturday and i have nowhere to be...something's wrong here. I'm going to the bruins game with my boss tonight. my first boss anyways, i have like 8. just like in office space. actually, i think everyone else but one guy is my boss. That would be like 15 bosses. or is it bossi. haha.

i love it when bands go metal. a lot of punk/emo bands switch to metal influenced punk/emo, and usually it makes them better. For example, Story Of The Year. Crappiest most disappointing debut ever. maybe not ever, yet still crappy. However, their second album "In The Wake Of Determination" is actually quite good. Why you ask? Metal. First of all it is way less over-produced. Mainly though, they have infused a much heavier tone of metal in their songs. It's immediately noticable on the first track when the verse kicks in with the driving muted guitar riff. Needless to say i was pleasantly surprised, as i had just about given up on them after the lackluster album they started with. This album is more like what Thrice's new album SHOULD have been, which is very sad, because Thrice is way more talented.

I've been starting to think of my top ten albums for the year since it's coming close to that time, and it hasn't been easy. There really haven't been any albums that took me by storm this year. Anybody have any amazing albums that i may have missed? usually the summer is the time for the big album, but the only one i can remember actually obsessing over for any period of time is "Frances The Mute". Although Armor For Sleeps New album was pretty stellar and NIN as well. We'll see when the time comes, i better start thinking now though.

One of the new guys got the boot already this week. He just couldn't cut it. I feel kinda bad but he was bringing us and himself down. He just sat there staring at his screen yesterday even though they hadn't fired him yet. If you thought you were getting the boot wouldn't you at least try and save it at the end? eh whatever.

i'm hungry. as usual. time for a poptart.

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Date:Wednesday, October 5th, 2005 @ 9:22am
Subject:work post baby.

(this is actually from 10/4)

im at work, and it's dead. so i'm updating. the red sox are on in an hour and our office is right above the fours so i think we're gonna sneak out at 4 to watch the game. gotta love that.

we got two new guys here at work now which is cool. that's gonna take quite a load off of chris and i which is awesome. one of them seems competent, the other im not too sure about. we'll see.

this weekend i'm taking sarah out for a surprise anniversary adventure. it's gonna be so fun. i can't wait. she has no idea what we're doing which makes it more fantastic.

We were gonna go to europe together in december but chris is taking the same week off already that sarah has set for her vacation, so unless she can change that i can't go with her. that's wicked sad cause i wanna go so bad, and i've tried to go to europe so many times and something always prevents me. ugh!

i talked to meghan on IM last night for a long time and it was awesome. she's so funny. i miss ben & jerry's a lot. i guess she's the only original left. even my replacement quit. it's all ron's fault i'm sure.

the bruins start thursday. i'm gonna try and go to the game. it's gonna be awesome. montreal will be crushed! aparently fans get stanley cup replicas upon entry, which is also exciting.

i'm starting to enjoy this job more. it's gotten better now that i know people better and can joke around more. much less stressful.

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